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Kevin Kroskey, CFP®, MBA

In his position as President and Certified Financial Planner with True Wealth Design in Ohio, Kevin Kroskey has assisted a wide range of individuals and businesses in investment, financial, and retirement planning. A 2000 graduate of The University of Akron, with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a minor in Physics, Kevin Kroskey earned an M.B.A. in Finance from the same university in 2005.

Kevin Kroskey provides several levels of asset management, overseeing capital growth and helping clients achieve financial security and peace of mind. Kevin Kroskey’s long-term associations with his clients begin with the initial consultation, at which time he gains a detailed understanding of an individual’s financial situation and specific needs going forward. Taking relevant factors into consideration, Kevin Kroskey then provides an estimate of what his financial advisory services will cost. Kevin Kroskey asks that spouses attend the first meeting to ensure that family members reach consensus on achievable financial goals.

Kevin Kroskey bases his approach to growing financial assets on Modern Portfolio Theory, a practice defined by the ongoing research of top academicians in economics and finance. Kevin Kroskey diversifies risk throughout a client’s portfolio, lending stability to the holdings as a whole. In structured asset class investing, Kevin Kroskey avoids a strategy of trying to consistently beat the market through market-timing instruments and focuses on the fundamentals of appropriate asset choices throughout a range of financial sectors.

Taking into account a customer’s financial situation, he invests client wealth into a highly-diversified mix of asset classes. However, the portfolios are typically tilted toward asset classes that have been shown to provide premiums over other asset classes from a risk and return perspective. These asset classes include value stocks and small-cap stocks within the U.S. as well as international developed and emerging markets. The portfolio is engineered and applied in such a way to maximize a client's probability of success to reach his or her specified financial planning goals while considering acceptable levels of risk and volatility.

For further information on how Kevin Kroskey can increase wealth in a prudent and sustained manner, visit the True Wealth Design website at truewealthdesign.com.

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