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Kevin Kroskey, CFP®, MBA

Serving the Akron, Ohio, community, Kevin Kroskey’s financial planning and management practice True Wealth Design grows client assets in a steady and sustained manner through highly diversified holdings. Indeed, Kevin Kroskey allocates time to get to know each person on an individual basis to provide the highest-quality service. Meeting with a prospective client for the first time, Kevin Kroskey gains an intimate understanding of the level of financial planning services he or she requires.

After gaining this understanding, Kevin Kroskey then presents an initial fee-based estimate, and if the customer finds this arrangement acceptable, Kevin Kroskey begins mapping out a detailed financial strategy with the client to accomplish his or her unique objectives. He requests comprehensive data relating to the client’s spending, retirement income sources, taxes and investment portfolio, allowing Kevin Kroskey to tailor a financial plan and asset allocation recommendation into a range of vehicles best-suited to that individual’s goals and risk tolerance.

A former instructor at Cuyahoga Community College’s Corporate College, where he taught retirement planning to financial professionals aiming to become certified financial planners, Kevin Kroskey has a strong academic base of knowledge on which to design optimal investment strategies.

Eschewing market timing and other high-risk strategies, Kevin Kroskey follows an academically-based strategy of placing client funds in highly diversified investment classes in a low-cost fashion. In his role as investment manager, Kevin Kroskey invests client funds in vehicles such as short- or intermediate-term bonds, value and growth stocks, large- and small-cap stocks, and international stocks.

Kevin Kroskey and the wealth management staff at True Wealth Design commit to a proactive wealth management approach and seek to exceed client expectations. To obtain more information on the customized financial planning and investment services that Kevin Kroskey offers, visit the True Wealth Design website at truewealthdesign.com.

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