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Kevin Kroskey, CFP®, MBA

As President of True Wealth Design in Ohio, Kevin Kroskey assists clients in growing assets through comprehensive financial planning services. Graduating from The University of Akron’s M.B.A. program with honors, Kevin Kroskey founded True Wealth Design in 2004 with the mission of being a trusted guide while helping clients shape and realize their life’s dreams and goals.

Kevin Kroskey possesses special expertise in retirement planning, designing his services to fit clients’ investment time horizons, risk tolerance, tax situations, and lifestyle needs. For individuals particularly concerned about minimizing income tax and estate tax liabilities, Kevin Kroskey can design a comprehensive wealth management plan, addressing a variety of possible situations.

Kevin Kroskey and the team at True Wealth Design also offer a wealth of knowledge to employers and their sponsored retirement plans. They provide fiduciary services to assist businesses and nonprofit groups with diversified, low-cost investment options. Kevin Kroskey can ease an employer’s legal liabilities, ensuring that employers meet ERISA fiduciary responsibilities to their employees and that these employees invest their money responsibly.

Kevin Kroskey does not charge for the initial meeting. Prior to that meeting, Kevin Kroskey asks potential clients to complete a short questionnaire that provides him the financial information critical to evaluating a client’s individual circumstances. At the close of the first meeting, Kevin Kroskey provides every client with a fee-estimate that details the scope of services that he will provide. He requests that a client’s spouse be involved in this consultation stage, as financial planning involves looking at what works for the family as a whole.

For more information on the tailored financial planning and wealth management services that Kevin Kroskey provides for clients of True Wealth Design, visit the website at truewealthdesign.com.

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